Privacy Policy


At, we recognise that the only way we can deliver truly predictive insights is on the basis of trust.  Without that trust, we cannot exist.  A key part of that trust is delivered by maintaining privacy.  As such, privacy is not just a legal requirement for us – it is something we passionately believe in.

We ensure we keep up to date with the best thinking in privacy principles from around the world.

Our Principal, Carolyn Childs has been a full member of the UK Market Research Society for almost 20 years.  It is a requirement of membership that understanding and commitment to privacy and the research code of conduct are maintained at all times.

We base our privacy principles on the following documents:

How we use information provided by clients and participants is an evidence-based consulting firm.  Market Research is a critical part of our business.

We use information collected solely for research purposes, to investigate the behaviour, needs, attitudes, opinions, motivations or other characteristics of individuals, companies or other organisations. We do this in order to provide information to our clients; government, commercial and not-for-profit organisations, which will assist them in making decisions about their products and services.

The information we gather is usually collected from individuals; for example, by a telephone, face-to-face, email or on-line survey (including online bulletin boards), other form of interview, from a discussion group or from desk research. In some instances we undertake research of our clients’ customers, staff or other stakeholders and in these cases our client may provide us with a list of their customers, staff or other stakeholders to invite to participate in a research project. Their participation is entirely voluntary.

Where retains information such as contact details, demographic information and other data that has been supplied by individuals, this data is not connected with any one individual as the data we keep is aggregated with information from other participants in our research project. Any information collected is de-identified as soon as the project is completed. We only use contact details to verify data, to send a summary report of our findings to participants in our research, provide incentives or prizes where these are part of the project or to conduct further research.

Until this de-identification takes place, research participants have the right to request access to, and/or correction or deletion of any information about them held by

Our responsibilities to research participants

  • We will not, without their consent, reveal any participant’s identity to anyone not directly involved in the research project – or use that identity for any non-research purpose
  • No one to be adversely affected or harmed as a direct result of participation in research
  • We will ensure at all times that the researcher’s identity and bona fides are easily available for clients. Additionally we also provide them with access to a contact email or phone number and information on the AMSRS (Australian Market and Social Research Society) Surveyline
  • We ensure that they understand that their co-operation is entirely voluntary at all stages and that they are not misled when being asked for co-operation
  • We do not interview children under 14 years of age without a responsible adult’s consent

Our professional responsibilities to our clients

  • We strive to design and carry out cost-efficient and adequate quality research as a minimum. As a company, our philosophy is to do more than this – to seek to provide deep and rich insights beyond clients’ original expectations
  • We do not carry out research and non-research activities (e.g. telemarketing or list building)
  • We recognise that we and our clients have mutual rights and responsibilities and we seek to enshrine these in our proposals and contractual materials
  • Our research is always conducted to the principles of fair business practice
  • We seek to inform our clients of the issues in relation to privacy and other codes and ethics and what we need to do to comply with legal and professional requirements. Information about our client’s organisations/businesses, their commissioned market research data and findings remain confidential to the client unless both clients and researchers (us) agree the details of any publication. (Note: This excludes any legal obligation to disclose data to the government or law enforcement agencies when required by law for purposes such as a criminal investigation including breaches of privacy law. This would include any requirement under international laws such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act where our clients operate in jurisdications mandated by the law.)
  • We provide our clients with all relevant technical details of research projects carried out with their clients.
  • We always report our findings accurately and never use them to mislead anyone in anyway. We also manage our relationships with clients to ensure that they properly use data in this way through our contracts and agreements.

We are always happy to discuss our policy with clients. For further information, please contact Carolyn Childs, CEO and Co-Founder on or on +61 2 9569 1139